Genetic Affairs’ AutoCluster now has “Enriched Surnames” feature!

I swear Dr. Blom’s brain never sleeps. His AutoCluster tool quickly and easily forms shared match clusters from DNA test results without users having to download any software. It should be in everyone’s DNA analysis toolbox. And thanks to that brain of his, now AutoCluster also analyzes the prevalence of all user-entered site profile surnames and locations. […]
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Victor D. Clark’s Civil War Diary

young civil war soldier in uniform
Ohio Infantryman
I’m not one to read another person’s diary, let alone shout its contents to the world. A diary is the first-person account of someone’s life, often written as the last act of the day, the diarist alone, in reflection, settling into the quiet night. It’s intimate, just the writer and the page, the writer deftly […]
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Cyndi’s List Comes to Colorado

Mention Cyndi’s List, I’m There! On Saturday, Cyndi Ingle of Cyndi’s List fame presented a whole day of genealogical enrichment at Colorado Genealogical Society‘s sold out spring seminar (which I am informed was really a joint effort between them and their CIG). I don’t know if they lucked into her or if she just always […]
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Death Visits A Genealogist

Desert Sunset
Death Slaps Me, Hard For the first time since I’ve become the family genealogist, we had a death in the family. I mean a close death, one that deeply affected those nearest to me. The death was swift, unexpected, and heart-breaking. I suddenly found myself back in my old desert town, surrounded by a large, devastated […]
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