So, I’m Blogging Now


This is my first blog. I’m adopting this “Intrepid Sleuth” persona and starting to put my recent adventures into the wonderful realm of genealogy into a blog for a couple of main reasons:

  1. To share our family tree and family history discoveries with my peeps and anyone else who might find it interesting.
  2. To share with other budding genealogists my travails, pain points, glee points, experiences, frustrations, thrills and discoveries as I use research libraries, historical societies, graveyards, maps, web pages, online resources, commercial resources, blogs, classes, webinars, and conferences to seek out not only the sources of good information but how to correctly incorporate my findings into our family tree.
  3. To explore (and thus, I am afraid, complain) about the current state of genealogy software.

So bear with me as I crack my blogger knuckles and warm up the articulate side of my brain.



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