RootsTech 2015, Online Genealogy Marketplace Sites Review

If you attended RootsTech 2015 and you wandered into the Expo Hall past the heavily staffed, glitzy showcases found front and center, you may have noticed a few vendors (GenMarketplace, ancestorcloud, and RootsBid) promoting and demonstrating something you may have never heard of – an “online genealogy marketplace”. Don’t worry your pretty heads, that’s nothing […]
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RootsTech 2015 Review (sorta)

Am back home from attending my first RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City and it was quite a trip. The compound name of it had caught my eye several months ago- “Roots” and “tech”, two of my favorite things, right? I’m an amateur genealogist with a software background. I love researching my family, both online […]
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